Beats Cartel launches SoCo Thursdays at Parkwood

Local Burleigh crew Beats Cartel launched a new gig series in November, activating Parkwood Tavern on Thursday nights. With a variety show premise as the backbone, the new night will team up local and touring original music acts with resident name DJs and nationally-recognised comedians through local agency Based Comedy.

Aiming to prop up the Gold Coast original music scene and create more opportunity for local musicians and Griffith University music students, the Thursday weekly will bring acts such as Tesla Coils, Deja Vudu, Jackson James Smith, DJ Smokin’ Joe Mekhael, Valhalla Lights, Katie Who, Syrup Go On, Augusta, Stingin Rogers, The Royal Artillery and Boing Boing to the northern Gold Coast venue over the next month. It’s free entry before 10.00pm plus there’s two for one parmies.

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