Beautiful and Dangerous

Walking through the average nursery on the Gold Coast can send shivers down the spine. Especially for those who know that the exotic-looking plants with pretty flowers or multi-coloured speckled leaves may soon find a home among the gumtrees and natives. Often those sought-after exotic plants can climb over garden fences and take hold in bushland causing environmental damage costing millions.

Known also as exotic plants, garden escapees, non-natives or introduced plants, weeds are a big environmental issue on the Gold Coast throughout natural areas and along waterways. It’s a headache for those who understand the serious impacts weeds cause; out-competing natives by carpeting, blanketing, strangling and killing native plants, trees and forests. The more you know about weeds the more they can ruin the aesthetic of your Gold Coast bush-walks or rainforest drives.

Yet, there’s a simple solution. Don’t buy weeds.  Or if you still want that speckled-patterned pest plant ensure it’s securely planted in a pot and cannot escape your garden. Weeds are costing Gold Coast ratepayers millions of dollars.

To avoid the risks check out native nurseries like Regen Australia which propagate local provenance seed, so you can be assured their plants are local natives. To date, Regen Australia has propagated over 2 million plants that have been planted across the Gold Coast, including coastal dunes, waterways, bushland, rainforests, mangroves and saltmarsh. The diversity within the nursery will surprise you, especially the specialist species for high ecologically significant environments.

The benefit of planting natives doesn’t stop at the garden fence. Planting natives instead of weeds will ensure all gardening or larger re-vegetation projects are more of a success as natives are suited to the local climate. They also create habitat for Australian wildlife.

So next time you see a pretty flower think twice. Switch to planting native plants by visiting Regen Australia’s nursery located at 178 Gooding Drive, Merrimac. For more information please visit –


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