More Bees, Please

We need bees. They and other pollinators are vital for stable, healthy food supplies, as the vast majority of plants we need for food rely on pollination. But bees are in trouble. There is growing concern at bee decline across the world, most likely caused by a combination of stresses – from loss of their habitat and food sources to exposure to pesticides and the effects of climate change. More than ever before, we need to recognise the importance of bees to nature and to our lives. And we need to turn that into action to ensure they don’t just survive but thrive.

Fortunately, interest in amateur beekeeping is growing, with organisations like the Gold Coast Amateur Beekeepers Society both maintaining this trend among their own members while attempting to get the word out to broader society. There are two upcoming community events where aspiring apiarists can get the lowdown on this environmentally helpful hobby.

Sprout Sunday | Surfers Paradise Golf Club | 26 August, 8am-11am

This community is a celebration of all things sprouting. And will stalls such as tropical edibles, cottage plants, cactus and succulents, natural and vegan skin products, small space gardening, sustainability and composting products and more. To celebrate the launch of Sprout Sunday, the Gold Coast Amateur BeeKeeping Society will be there offering a free taste test of local honey and hold talks about European Bee Keeping and Native Stingless Bees. This event is presented by the organisers of Botanical Bazaar.

Gold Coast Amateur BeeKeepers Society Open Day | Country Paradise Parklands | 16 September

Being held as part of at the Botanical Bazaar in 2018, the Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeping Society Open Day will be a large area within the Bazaar itself dedicated to showcase all things Bees. Native and European Bee displays, Flowhive, a variety of honey and honey products, Bee beauty and medicinal products, clothing and educational talks will all be available. And the beauty of it is, you can check out the rest of the awesome stall holders, botanists, herbs, talks and family fun that will be a part of this year’s Botanical Bazaar!

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