A Beginners Guide to Yoga

So you got the memo: Yoga is amazing and your excuses are bogus. Now it’s time to get started, but where, and how? Check out the following tips to cut through the overwhelm and plant yourself on the mat.

  • Get recommendations. No doubt at least one of your friends goes to yoga, ask them where they go. Try it out, if it’s not your thing try another.
  • Don’t eat too close to class. Most classes will involve some form of being upside down; even a down dog is upside down according to your digestive system. It’s really uncomfortable just after you eat, not to mention messing with your digestion. Depending on your metabolism and what you ate, aim for about two hours.
  • Comfy clothes. You don’t need the latest active wear but you do need to be able to move comfortably in what you’re wearing. Also check your tights are not see-through when you bend over, that will make things more comfortable for everyone!
  • Expect nothing. Don’t expect your practice to look like the teacher’s or other practitioners’, work with what you have and where your body is. Comparison is the thief of joy, so just breathe and do your best.
  • If you want to get the benefits then commit to at least once a week. Sporadic practice is better than nothing but regular practice gives you more benefits and quicker.
  • Stay for Savasana. This is the relaxation at the end of class and it’s important. This is the point where your body rejuvenates, rehydrates and reenergises after the practice.
  • Be open. If you have an injury or illness tell the teacher before class. They will guide you to modify if necessary and generally help make it a great experience working around it.

It may seem intimidating but a yoga class should be one of the most welcoming and accepting spaces, if it’s not go to a different one. Dive in, your body, mind and spirit, will thank you for it.

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