Being Jane Lane Drop Debut Album

Ferociously fun female five-piece Being Jane Lane are about to detonate big-time on the Australian musical landscape off the back of their much-anticipated debut album, ‘Savage Sunday’, a knowing wink to the aftermath of a hard-partying Saturday night.
Officially released on 1 October, the album includes their cracking recent single ‘Be Okay’, a sizzling slice of anthemic punk which you can read more about in this month’s ‘New Music’ column.
The band deliver a power-packed punch in the live realm, gaining new converts every time they tear up stages, which won’t be too long away again now, as they prepare to go on a national run of gigs to launch the record, including a November show at that new bastion of punk rock on the Gold Coast, Vinnies Dive Bar.

We recently fired off some questions to the hard rockin’ lasses themselves.

Congratulations on the upcoming new album! Can you tell us a bit about its genesis and the recording process with Guy at Serotonin?

Thank you! We are so happy to finally release it into the world. We have spent a long time on this album, starting about this time last year. Good things come to those who wait and we are so stoked with it, so the patience has paid off. Working with Guy is great, he’s so encouraging and positive and has helped us really capture the live energy of the band on the recording. We work at the pace we all set to serve the songs and the music, so there’s no pressure and it’s super comfortable. We are stoked with the sound and feel of the new album and Guy, Serotonin and Human Records have been a big part of producing this album.

Who are a few of your favourite contemporaries on the local music scene?

We are surrounded by so many talented and amazing people in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We’ve played a lot of shows with our pals Flangipanis. They’re good friends of ours and we are huge fangirls. We look up to WAAX heaps. They’re always really lovely to us and a huge inspiration for anyone who is lucky enough to see them live. Also new gals on the scene BLUSSH. They’re rad! We so lucky to have such a supportive scene for punk up here and it just makes us want to make better music for everyone.

You must be looking forward to hitting stages and touring the album shortly?!

We love touring, it’s our favourite thing. So we are pretty excited, especially since it’ll be our first time in Adelaide. I personally think our launch back in March for our single ‘Be Okay’ was one of my favourite live shows. We had a drag queen, awesome bands and we were surprised at such a large turnout. The fans and the bands just made the night so much fun. Vinnies on the Gol Coast is the best! We always have fun there, the Gold Coast is where some of our members grew up and we still call it home. We do have a fourth band on the upcoming tour line-up that we haven’t announced yet, plus I’m sure there will be something ridiculous we think of before then for our hometown Gold Coast show. 

So who exactly is Jane Lane?

Haha well we all grew up in the peak of the animated series Daria. It was something weird I heard in an episode once and I always wanted to name a band after it. There was a scene between Daria and her best friend Jane Lane and she basically stated that Jane was going off doing her thing, “Being Jane Lane” and when I proposed it to the girls back in the day everyone was on board straight away and it just always had a nice ring to it.

What does 2020 have in store in the world of Being Jane Lane?

We are keen to release a follow up EP next year, the new ‘Savage Sunday’ album is the first of five that Guy has planned with us. We are in the writing process right now as we release the new album, in amongst a million gigs. It’s the hard thing about being in a band, plus we all work full time. It’s balancing our lives and perfecting time management. So that’s our top priority, along with more touring as always and securing a booking agent and some bigger festivals through our label.

Being Jane Lane are set to rock the roof off Vinnies Dive Bar in Southport on Saturday, 9 November, so make sure you’re there to witness the girls deliver!

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