Bella Paton’s Certain Heart

She may only be 17, but singer and guitarist Bella Paton has already crammed in an impressive amount of musical experience.  In the space of a few short years she has gone from playing guitar until her fingers bled to recording her first songs at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, one of which London Ghosts, reached number 44 on the iTunes singer / songwriter charts. Now with a new single Certain Hearts Are Tied just released, Bella spoke with Natalie O’Driscoll about her passion.

It says on your bio that you’ve been performing since you were six years old!  Can you tell us a bit about your first introduction to music and performance?

I went to Benowa state primary school where there was a junior choir on every Thursday afternoon. I loved to sing, I always have, and music was my favourite class at Benowa because we had a wonderful music teacher called Mrs Solomon who just made the class so much fun.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I absolutely adore the Beatles, I have since I was very young. I’m a bit of a super fan, I’ve watched all their interviews. They are all such incredibly talented people who were really just these young kids from Liverpool with ability, who got the chance to really explore and embrace that in every possible way.

I’m also a huge fan of Of Monsters and Men. They are this incredible band from Iceland and they just have an extreme unique sound that also is full of amazing dynamics. I went and saw them perform last year and snuck to the front of the stage when the lights were down. It was cool. They were just so tight and well rehearsed, everyone had a hand in the sound. Nanna Bryndis the female vocalist is someone I really admire, her voice and energy is something amazing.

If you had to choose a path other than music, where would your passion take you?

Hmm to be honest I don’t actually have any other interests apart from music, at least nothing I’m passionate about. This question is one I’ve had to think long and hard about, especially in year eleven and twelve when I’ve been told numerous times that I need a backup plan.

I have to say though despite the fact I have been made to think about this a lot there is really nothing else I want to do. I know I won’t really be fulfilled unless I jump into this completely and give it a real go.

You can catch Bella on weekends at Wave Corner in Broadbeach and the Carrara Markets.  Buskers By The Creek have also included her in their lineup for October.  Visit for more.


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