Bello Winter Music: Shining a Light on Jess Ribeiro

Acclaimed Melbourne singer-songwriter Jess Ribeiro, who has just released her dynamic third long player, ‘LOVE HATE’, will be one of the many highlights at this year’s Bello Winter Music, a delightful boutique festival experience now into its fifth year and taking place in the quaint countryside surrounds of Bellingen, NSW from 11 – 14 July.

With ‘LOVE HATE’, Jess Ribeiro has taken a bold step forward into an expansive musical terrain, her stripped back, swampy, roots rock stylings of previous albums evolving into a swirling vortex of emotive indie and late 70’s art-rock unwind. It’s a highly impressive coming of age that is sure to be one of the finest releases emanating from this country in the year of 2019.

In the lead up to her appearance at Bello Winter Music, we got the chance to have a few words with Jess.

First up, congratulations on the new album. Are you pleased with how it turned out? And has the past four years between albums been building to this evolution of your musical direction?

Thank you. I’m happy with the album. It was made in a short space of time, two years ago. It was a natural progression, which then took another two years to come it out.

You teamed up with NZ producer Ben Edwards for this record (who’s overseen great works by those precociously talented New Zealanders Aldous Harding, Marlon Williams and Nadia Reid.) How did you end up working with him?

Marlon Williams’ manager suggested I work with Ben. I spoke with Ben on the phone, loved the sound of his voice and we went from there. Ben’s produced and assisted in the engineering of the record. That was his role and I’ll forever be grateful.

You spent some time in Berlin during the creation of the record. Is it as creatively fertile as is typically portrayed? And how did your collaboration with Alexander Hacke, of German industrial music pioneers Einsturzende Neubauten, come about?

The Collaboration with Alexander Hacke came about through Mick Harvey. Mick produced my last record, ‘Kill it Yourself’ and put me in touch with Alexander. Berlin was a time filled with great debauchery, however, I did lots of writing and took to working with Alexander quite seriously.

Are you looking forward to playing the upcoming Bello Winter Music and who else on the bill are you particularly looking forward to catching?

I grew up near Bellingen and spent lots of time going to music festivals there as a teenager. So it will be very special to go back to the old stomping ground to see family and old friends. There’s so many great artists I’m looking forward to seeing including Laura Jean, Nadia Reid and many more.

Jess Ribeiro will be performing at this year’s Bello Winter Music, taking place in Bellingen between 11 – 14 July. Jess will be appearing on 13 + 14 July. Other quality acts on the bill include Nadia Reid, Tammi Savoy and The Chris Cosello Combo, Laura Jean, Lloyd Spiegel, Bullhorn, Vaudeville Smash, Horns Of Leroy and The Mammas. Tickets and info here. Jess is also playing a headline show of her own at The Bearded Lady, in Brisbane, on 12 July.

IMAGE (c) Georgia Wallace

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