Berger’s busking battles prove fruitful

She just took out third place for the Battle of the Buskers during Buskers by the Creek, but Nyssa Berger has been around the Gold Coast for more than ten years. We caught up with her ahead of a show at Southport Sharks to see what’s been going on in the firy songstress’ life.

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Tell about your connection to the Gold Coast?

I moved to the Gold Coast in 2004 straight after high school and studied music at Griffith and began performing solo and in bands in between studying or maybe even instead of studying. I’ve been performing both covers and original shows on the Gold Coast ever since and loving every minute of it.


You were one of only two women in the Battle of the Buskers – what’s the busking scene like for women?

Yeah, I was certainly in the minority the night of the Battle and increased the heart rate just that little bit more.

I don’t think it’s fair to speak on behalf of all woman buskers but for me busking is where my vulnerability is at its peak. I wasn’t invited to sing at the location, I’m not being paid to sing for the audience and I’m literary asking people to validate my musical worthiness through their spare change. I’m sure both men and woman feel this to some degree though. Having said that it’s a lot of fun too!


What does winning a place in the Battle of the Buskers mean for you?

I was completely surprised and honored to win a place in the Battle Of The Buskers because of the amazing talent on show. It felt as though the time and the work that’s gone into writing good songs, honing stage presence and connecting with audiences no matter who they are got recognised the night of Battle Of the Buskers.


You’ve got a gig coming up at Southport Sharks – tell us about that?

It’s always a pleasure doing a show at the Sharks Club because of their continued support of live music. The laid back atmosphere in the Cabana bar makes for a perfect Sunday session filled with songs you know and love. I’ll also throw in some originals too.


And your debut album? That’s due shortly, right?

This will be my first ever album release. The songs fit neatly into the pop/rock genre and I’m super excited to share it with everyone. I’m collaborating with an amazing producer who’s worked with the likes of Tina Turner and Cold Play. The first single off the album is called Monday Never Comes and will be released just before Christmas and the album will be released early 2106. 


Any thoughts on the Gold Coast music scene?

I’m incredibly happy to say I think it’s growing. More and more venues are popping up that offer live music which gives the talented performers and songwriters on the Gold Coast a way to connect with their audiences. There are also businesses and individuals getting behind creative events like the GC Music Awards, Busker By The Creek, GC Uncovered on 1029 Hot Tomato, Summertime Sessions In The Village and many, many more. Also, thanks to Blank CG for helping share what’s going on in the Gold Coast music scene.


What’s the one question you were hoping I’d ask?

Hehehe. Mmmm. Where can people find you online and how can we find out where you’re performing next? Well funny you should ask… WebsiteFacebookInstagram and Youtube.

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Nyssa Berger will perform a set of both covers and originals at Southport Sharks Cabana Bar + Lounge on Sunday 29 November from 1.00pm.

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