We talk Best Night Ever with Bad//Dreems

If past years are any indication you had best get in early if you want to be part of this year’s Best Night Ever.

The last two years have sold out quickly, and with a line-up this year featuring Bad//Dreems, Ruby Fields, The Chats, The Bennies, Clowns, Press Club, locals Being Jane Lane and Radolescent – plus a special headliner to be revealed in December – there is every likelihood this year will follow suit.

Bad//Dreems vocalist and guitarist Ben Marwe recently had a chat with Blank GC to fill us in on what to expect from his band and the event as a whole.

“You can expect a bunch of new songs from the latest release, a good attitude, and some Bad//Dreems branded pies,” he promised, adding “what a perfect way to celebrate the end of this year and the start of next! Everybody is always in a good mood around that time of year. Maybe I’ll dress as Santa…”

In an interesting turn of events, Ben revealed a few inside feelings on some of the other bands performing.

“You can’t go past The Chats here as the band who will be most fun to play with,” he smiled. “We love those little pricks. Although we’ve never played with Ruby Fields or Clowns before so who knows. The Bennies are always fun too.”

It seems The Chats win out in the band to be most serious as well.

“Definitely The Chats,” Ben nodded, deferring to the band’s hit single, “because they seem pretty serious about being left alone during smoko.”

To make things even more exciting Bad//Dreems will also have released their third album ‘Doomsday Ballet’ before the event, with Ben hinting at a slightly new and unexpected musical direction.

“There are some keys, synth, a lot more acoustic guitar and handclaps,” he said. “Crazy, right?”

With the album press release alluding to a ‘more textured, art-driven, considered album with a more evolved sound’, Ben admits the band are nervously excited to unleash it on their fans.

“It’s our most complete body of work this far,” he enthused. “We worked hard to create a different sounding album to previous releases, which I think we achieved. We still maintained elements of the first two albums, but concentrated heavily on nailing structure, guitar tones and vocal melody.”

While retaining certain parts of what made the previous albums successful, Ben explains it is the more subtle changes that will likely have the greatest effect.

“It was recorded by a different producer in a different studio in a different state,” he said. “It was a completely new experience for us which added a bit of zest to the process. I think it allowed us to explore songwriting styles and develop as a band more too.”

In the past Bad//Dreems have been more or less pigeon-holed as a pub rock band, and while ‘Doomsday Ballet’ is likely to shift the focus further away from this preconception, Ben admits the band has learnt to accept the labels placed upon them.

“I’m still not sure what pub rock is,” he laughed. “We’re also a lot of other things. It depends what people want to latch onto I guess. We actively tried to create some angularity to the songs to differ from the previous wall of sound motif. Our main objective is to write good songs, so if they fall into what people perceive as pub rock then that’s on them.”

Best Night Ever will be held at Miami Marketta on 29 December. For tickets go to oztix.com.au

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