Better planning laws petition launched by South East Queensland Alliance

South East Queensland residents want State Parliament to improve planning laws which currently favour developers’ interests over residents’ quality of life.

Community representatives from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Redlands formed the South East Queensland Alliance (SEQA) in early 2018 to act on community concerns about poor planning and development decisions.

Initiating substantial planning law reform in Queensland is a priority for SEQA.

“Thousands of south east Queensland residents suffer daily from inadequate infrastructure, traffic congestion and other impacts of poorly planned developments in their local neighbourhoods,” said SEQA spokesperson Lois Levy.

“Better planning laws would protect residents’ quality of life, guarantee retention of heritage and neighbourhood character and better protect wildlife,” she said.

Parliament is now being petitioned to better protect community interests. The petition will run for six months to allow plenty of time for community discussion about the need for better development controls in Queensland.

Any Queensland resident can sign the petition which can be accessed here.

Brisbane contact: Elizabeth Handley, Brisbane Residents Association 0404 833 057

Gold Coast contacts: Philip Follent, Gold Coast Community Alliance 0410 096 358

Lois Levy, Gecko Environment Council 0412 724 222; Rose Adams 0407 151 671

Redlands contacts: Chris Walker, Redlands 2030, 0419 675 465

Steve MacDonald, Redlands 2030, 0418 790 203

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