You can always tell when your approaching sniffer dogs at a festival entrance. You havn’t seen them yet, but you feel the quiet coming. The cocky bunch of young fella’s beside you in the line just crawled back into their shells, while others turn back, pretending they’ve left something behind – sure enough, the boys in blue are up ahead and armed with highly effective substance detecting technology…a dog. With Splendour organisers alerting punters prior to the 3 day event that this would be the case, it never seems to deter festival goers, with the common attitude of ‘we’ll find a way around it’. While some stash their party goods in the fence lining to return for a dark treasure hunt once the K nine’s shift is over, others gobble down their nights worth of party enhancements in fear of being sniffed out. All this being said, it begs the question, are the dogs a good move?

I spoke with a Byron local who had been pulled up by the police after one of their dogs picked up on a sent. He had seen them coming prior to this and hid a small tin of Marijuana in the near by bushes. He then swallowed the two ecstasy tablets he had on him, which he claimed he wasn’t even sure he’d be taking that night, but amidst the panic was not thinking straight. When a dog singled him out he explained to police he had just smoked a joint and that the dog could probably smell it on him. After a brief pat down police told him he was the last one for the night and they were closing up shop, so he returned for his tin of Mary J shortly after.

Words by James Wills

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