Beyond skin with Nitin Sawhney

This month legendary musician, producer and composer Nitin Sawhney will perform an exclusive Queensland show at Home of the Arts.

The performance will primarily be celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘Beyond Skin’, an album that still resonates today as much as it did when first released two decades ago.

“When I make an album, I am purely making it from a cathartic and expressive perspective,” he mused when asked why it is still a relevant album today. “I don’t consider what would happen with it later on, or after I have finished it. However, I do have a sense that I may share it with others, but I never let that influence the music itself or how I consider what I have to say with my creative ideas. I do nevertheless feel very honoured and privileged that so many people have responded to the album and continue to do so 20 years later.”

As a special treat, Nitin will also be presenting songs from his extensive collection.

“I will be playing a selection of tracks from ‘Beyond Skin’ as well as a lot of music from the back catalogue,” he promised. “I will not be bringing my entire band over from the UK but I have some amazing musicians and singers with me who will be performing on stage and I am confident that anyone who comes to see us will enjoy the show and get a real sense of the music I am very proud to have made.”

Before embarking on a solo career as a musician, Nitin appeared in comedy performances The Secret Asians and Goodness Gracious Me. A career in comedy beckoned, but Nitin says he was always confident he had the time and ability to spread his attention to all of his passions.

“When I began working in comedy with Sanjeev Bhaskar as The Secret Asians and appeared in Goodness Gracious Me, I was already making albums and had a career that was building quite successfully,” he recalled. “I was lucky in that my work and composition for theatre, television, film, albums and the comedy work I was doing, all happened or evolved at the same rate during the 90s.

I have been a musician since I was five years old and that was, and always will be my first passion.

“That is my training, and that is my heart and soul. However, I have recently been writing a situation comedy that is focusing on the music industry. Watch this space!”

Throughout his career, Nitin has also collaborated with a multitude of artists including, but not limited to, Paul McCartney, Sting, Nora Jones, Nelson Mandela and Jeff Beck. Rather than just treat these as a means to further his career, Nitin says he also used this time to expand his musical knowledge and hone his craft.

“I always believe in being present-minded and living in the moment,” he said. “Creativity for me is born of spontaneous thinking and being connected to the moment. However, all of us are a product of our history and experiences. I have been very fortunate in mine.”

Throughout his career, Nitin has won a multitude of awards, played on stages the world over and touched many hearts through his art, but when pressed on what he considers his greatest achievement he is typically coy and modest.

“In my mind, my greatest achievement is that if I look back on my creative career as an artist, I am still proud of all the work that I have created. I don’t feel that I have ever compromised a creative idea unless it is in collaboration with others.”

Nitin Sawhney’s performance will take place in Theatre 1 at Home of The Arts on Saturday 19 October 2019 at 7:30 pm. Visit for more information.

IMAGE (c) Suki Dhanda

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