Big Wave Project hitting the big screen this week.

Tim Bonython has been filming big waves almost all of his adult life, breaking through with his film Biggest Wednesday released in the year 2000. Since then big wave surfing has evolved radically and Tim’s relationship with this genre of the sport has grown more than any other. The Big Wave Project is about just that. It’s everything from where it came from to where it is now.

The film has taken Tim around the planet to interview the world’s most renowned big wave surfers and to record the biggest and most death-defying waves. It’s a narrative that will scare viewers as much as it will exhilarate.

“The danger level increases as we attempt to climb a mountain of water where the peak keeps getting higher,” says Alex Gray, one of the film’s participants.

The progression of the skill level of big wave surfing collides with the best swell season in 30 years as the world’s best and bravest paddle, and also tow, into some of the greatest waves ever documented. This includes what has been called “the biggest wave ever attempted” featuring Aaron Gold’s infamous massive paddle-in wave at Jaws, in Hawaii.

The film also travels across Australia, Tahiti and finally to Europe’s new frontier of Nazaré, in Portugal. Featured surfers include Jamie Mitchell, Aaron Gold, Mark Healey, Ryan Hipwood, Grant “Twiggy” Baker and Billy Kemper, with insights from Peter Mel, big wave icon Greg Noll, the legendary late Brock Little and many more …

Well you can see what all the hype is about with shows at Byron Bay, Thursday the 8th of June, Coolangatta Birch Carrol and Coyle Cinema, on Friday 9th June at 7pm, and Sunday the 11th June at 4.30 at Pacific Fair Birch Carrol and Coyle Cinemas. Book your tickets ASAP as the show has been selling out across the country!!


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