BIGSOUND 2018: Day 1 Conference Highlights

“Check-in Tuesday” at BIGSOUND always involves a reconnaissance of who’s going where when, what acts are must see, and some spatial learning to determine where ones hotel room is in the context of venues and preferred eateries. It’s organising time, but there’s still takeouts for the eager beaver.

Here are three of ours:

  1. Soon-to-be-released app Hvntr (pronounced Hunter) may just transform how we consume video media. Currently in pre-release stage, Hvntr generated some genuine interest with its short form shareable community viewing platform, and Screen Queensland‘s welcome event profiled a series of technology products including a few spruiked by the small JosephMark team based at RiverCityLabs. ClipChamp, a startup also out of RiverCityLabs that makes complex video editing easier for everyone on their device of choice, also chatted informally with some delegates to positive reception. The integration of multimedia into music promotion is undeniable and inevitable, and Screen Queensland’s event (and their tech focus), was a welcome and surprising addition to the music-focussed BIGSOUND conference.
  2. Gold Coast acts hit the ground running. San Mei played to a strong crowd and a warm reception at Wooly Mammoth. Hollow Coves, with the four piece band, played late and proudly, delivering a few of their known tracks and several newbies, to a keen crowd at Black Bear Lodge. Yugambeh frontman for metal outfit Wildheart, Axel Best, brought his A game to the Crowbar and the band performed an energetic set to appreciative new fans. Emily Wurramara opened The Guardian sponsored event at Ric’s backyard, telling stories of Brisbane, on behalf of First Nations.
  3. There are festival bookers and agents everywhere on the lookout for talent, seeking out referrals. Newcastle-based events and Melbourne-based events both piqued interest in informal conversations at checking out a few emerging acts from the Gold Coast, and a North-American manager asked a few serious questions about reciprocal touring arrangements, like those brokered by the Woodford Folk Festival with Canadian, Irish, and Scottish peak national music bodies. It’s going to be a big week of live music, and live music business!

IMAGE (c) Fish Films

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