BIGSOUND Festival 2019: Day 2 Highlights

There’s always a quieter day at a festival and today was the day our feet got a bit of a rest.

The big money show was Tones and I at Famous and it. was. packed. But what a show! As Tones reminded us, this time last year she was busking, and before you can say zero to hero she was busting the main stage at Splendour and now packing clubs at BIGSOUND. She remains humble though – she gave her kicks away mid set to a dude in front who just asked for them. WHS issues aside (I wouldn’t fancy walking barefoot in the Valley – just saying), Tones had an interpretive dance group in tow, costumed, made up and spooking out the crowd under black lights to her new tune ‘The Kids are Coming’. Hopefully she’s also not listening to her manager Dave who warned her ‘Dance Monkey’ might not be a big hit. Pfft. And the dude with the shoes? According to his flat mates he will now be UNBEARABLE to live with.

Down at X Cargo was our find of the night – Mid City from Melbourne. Charismatic and engaging front man Joel had some definite Michael Hutchence vibes and was cranking the hard rocking indie pop tunes, running out amongst the crowd at every opportunity. He was connecting and taking the music up close and personal to the fans. Your fan girl Blank photographer was even blessed with a sweaty Joel man hug mid set which was a fantastic bonus. Mid City’s music is catchy, anthemic singalongs with relatable themes and a driving pace. Great for a dance or a party. Joel ended the set with a stage dive (jump?) certainly living up to their self described ‘incendiary’ tag and a lap around the crowd to thank fans personally. Love it. The band are headed to a stack of dates in Germany, then the Netherlands and UK where they’ll no doubt help blow the Brits out of Brexit.

Our cousin from across the ditch, Louis Baker, warmed up the cooling late evening at X Cargo with smooth vocals and soulful RnB influences. There were a lot of swaying moves in the crowd – loved up, aiming to get loved up and everything in between. A stripped back, slowed down version of ‘Purple Rain’ was a beautiful addition to the later half of the set.

Finishing the ‘quiet’ night with some powerhouse EDM was solo artist Luboku at The Valley Drive In. Straight outta Melbourne Luboku (aka Luis Kennett) is clearly driven by his audience and wanting them to feel an emotional connection with the music. After getting all syrupy with Tycho at Splendour recently, your blank team is thrilled to know Luboku references them in his new single ‘Forget’. With the vaguely North Korean propaganda-eque projections on the wall of the venue, it was easy to be transported away by the Luboku groove.

Stay tuned for more BIGSOUND goodness.


Words: Alicia Kent-Rooney

Images: NJA Photography + Simone Gorman-Clark





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