BIGSOUND LIVE 2014 – Thursday Night Recap

The final night of Bigsound Live had a stellar lineup from 8pm until it’s finish at 12 am as Triple J Unearthed winners WAAX fought for the crowd with Nicholas Allbrook of Pond and formerly Tame Impala. Nicholas Allbrook won me over, however I heard that WAAX were simply incredible, justifying their Unearthed win.

Nicholas AllbrookNicholas Allbrook
Nicholas Allbrook took the stage equipped with a slightly beat-up cherry red Mustang, decorated no doubt by Nicholas himself with Japanese hiragana stickers. Nick didn’t have a band backing him, however that didn’t stop him from boasting the sound of a touring band. Through the power of loop pedals and drum machines, Nick managed to turn it up to 11 and play some infectious riffs underpinned by booming bass. The crowd instantly connected to Nick, who charmed the audience with his offbeat humour and emotive vocals.

The second act of the evening to grace the Triple J Unearthed stage at Oh Hello, this now rebranded solo artist who was once involved in music with rock edges now creates electronic pop anthems. Eves, otherwise known as Hannah Karydas, put on a show beyond her years with musicians at her side that were by no means novices on their instruments. Their tight performance was unlike any other act I have seen in a club and the music definitely deserves the love it has been receiving on Triple J.

Morning Harvey
After seeing a few of these guys play in Orphans Orphans I was expecting big things, and boy did they deliver. As expected, they were tight. As expected, they blasted out great tunes. What could not have been anticipated, however, was how much fun their set was. The whole crowd was dancing along to every song this Brisbane band played and many knew the words to their songs, a feat not often seen in local crowds. This was a testament to the band’s ability to write excellent music and connect with the crowd.

The Church (Ian Haug)The Church
Steve Kilbey promised earlier in the day that The Church would not treat fans to earlier hits like Under the Milky Way, Almost With You and Unguarded Moment, and he is a man of his word. The Church punched through four new tracks in half an hour for a very cramped crowd. Their tracks are Kilbey’s attempts to try and capture the drug experience in a sonic format, and the four tracks they showcased off their upcoming release sounded very much like 60’s psychedelic rock. Lush soundscapes created by melodic guitars and soft drumbeats that were by no means quiet, this was the sound  The Church created in front of the crowd packed into The Zoo. The Australian giants had recruited Ian Haug from Powderfinger to tour with them, and the four piece dominated the stage, leaving no space empty or allowing a dull moment to pass while they masterfully created pure rock.

The last night of Bigsound Live was mind-blowing. From seeing my long time heroes The Church taking the stage to seeing band members not missing a beat after two full on days of performances and interviews, Bigsound Live 2014 is something I will never forget.

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