BIGSOUND NIGHT 1: Donny Benét Heats Up the Mane Stage

Last night magic man Donny Benét cast a spell on a packed out crowd on the Mane Stage at the Woolly Mammoth. Describing himself as an ‘adult entertainer, love and heatmaker’ his sensual music certainly saw the room heat up as he brought a special, full band show to BigSound. Complete with keys, drums, guitar and a saxophone, bass wielding Donny stole the heart of the crowds with his energetic, fun spirited post-disco sound.

Highlight track was ‘Working Out’, a song that Nike has picked up recently for their next campaign.  The groove worthy track gave birth to some of the wildest disco dance moves as the crowd partied on through the set. Each song oozed lush saxophone solos, incredible bass lines and a peculiar charm only Donny Benet could concoct.


Another stand out track, yet to be released, was an anthem for millennials exploring the world on online dating. Recent release ‘Konichiwa’ was a crowd favourite, complete with harmonious sing-a-longs. Soaring synths and whirlwind guitars drove the band to another level. The track is the latest single from his forthcoming record to be released with Dot Dash Recordings.

Finally to round out a mesmerizing show Donny finished with ‘I Don’t Want You To Leave Me On the Coast Of Santorini’. With a cracking band of musicians Donny Benét put on one hell of disco at The Woolly Mammoth.  A perfect pairing of comedy and honesty the song closed off on a night that saw a capacity crowd fully immersed in the magic that is Donny Benét. If you missed out last night you still have the chance to catch him at Black Bear Lodge on Thursday 7  September at 11:20pm. If you love to boogie this is the show for you.

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