Melbourne’s Press Club brought the house down last night with a short set at the Foundry on night two of BigSound. Unapologetically loud and in your face the indie-punk outfit put on one hell of a show.

From start to finish the fast paced rhythm of each song seem almost unnatural as Press Club showcased their excellent musicianship. Gritty, over driven guitars combined with the rough and punchy tone of front woman Natalie Foster vocals drove home their messages of angst, sticking it to the world in true punk fashion.

With energy that is hard to rival Natalie was jumping around the stage, giving everything she had to the audience, who in turn were headbanging so hard you could literally feel the floor of the Foundry shake.

Playing to a near full venue on a night with such great entertainment across the Valley is a testament to the quality live show we witnessed last night. With ‘Headwreck’, a crowd favorite, their only release to date after less than a year of playing live Press Club are quickly gaining fans, and it’s not hard to see why.

Loud, opinionated and honest Press Club are here and they want you to know about it. From the quality and tightness of the band’s playing to their insane level of energy on stage Brisbane was treated to an act that is fast becoming the name on everyone’s lips.

Catch Press Club one more time this Thursday 7 September from 10:50pm at The Brightside Outdoor Stage.

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