Australian Pop Powerhouse Washington graced BIGSOUND last night to a packed out crowd at 256 Wickham on night three. Armed only with her keyboard Megan Washington is one of few who can command the audience’s attention and maintain a permanent hush throughout her set. Witty and funny she entertained the crowd with her humorous banter between songs. She joked that she tried to write love songs, but they all were twisted or sad.

‘Kiss Me Like We’re Going To Die’ was a haunting and beautifully sad song. ‘American Spirit’ was a dark and twisted love song to Donald Trump, written after the US elected him as president. ‘Achilles’ Heart’, a very slow brooding song, showed off Megan’s delicate yet powerful voice, contrasting the dark and moody piano.

Every song had a sad and somber tone, to which Megan herself laughed and said “sorry they’re all sad…but who did you think you were coming to see?”

Breaking away from the new material she then played a cover of Roy Orbison’s ‘Anything You Want (You Got It)’. Slowing down the song fitted well within her set as she re-invented the song in her own style, and received a roaring applause from the crowd.


Heckler requested ‘Mirror In The Mirror’ was a deeply emotional and descriptive song about being drugged up in hospital and the deep confusion associated with that. Saddening and solemn you could hear a tinge of pain in Megan’s voice as she sang. A minor misstep in playing the wrong chord temporarily resulted in her breaking out of character with a smirk. But like the seasoned performer she is, within seconds she reset herself and finished the song.

Finally she ended the show with new song ‘Catherine Wheel’, comparing relationships to the fireworks it creates. With Catherine Wheels often being unpredictable in their time and spark, Megan used it as a connection to the timing and spark of a kiss. Associated with fire she also explored the element of danger with lyrics like ‘the champagne tastes a lot like blood’. Referencing the opening track ‘Catherine Wheel’ also included the lyrics ‘kiss me like i’m gonna die’, which tied the whole show together.


Incredibly honest with both her songwriting and banter Megan Washington was one of the highlight acts across the entire BIGSOUND festival. Although the music may have been exploring different themes of sadness and pain, you couldn’t help but smile as you left the venue in awe of the quality of show she performed. After listening to the music that is on the way Washington’s songwriting is stronger than ever with a live show that truly brought them to life.

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