Energetic, sassy and a little rebellious, Australian Country artist Fanny Lumsden thrived on stage at Laruche. Bringing together one kick-ass band of musicians to BIGSOUND she gave the crowd a taste of her upcoming album ‘Real Class Act’ in the late hours of the night.

Kicking things off acoustically with her acoustic guitar in hand ‘Watershed’ was a beautiful song about growing up and learning from history. In the year’s since her last record this new track showed a different side to her powerful voice, with hauntingly ‘oooohs’ that gave me goosebumps. Changing pace, the energetic performance of ‘Peppercorn Tree’, a song about love and getting knocked up, was comedic relief from the serious feel of their opening song.

‘Real Class’, from which the album has been named, was written whilst travelling across Australia in her little Millard caravan over the last few years. With a hook like ‘a real class act, with a few life hacks, trying to pay my rent on time’ Fanny was hilariously relate-able as she sung about buying cheap second hand clothes that she claimed ‘cost way more’ to her friends. Extremely dynamic in movement from start to finish ‘Real Class’ showcased the fantastic playing of her band with a electric guitar solo that really lifted this track.

‘Electric Waistband’ showcased Emma Beau on mandolin, harmonizing seamlessly with Fanny Lumsden. Exploring the relaxing nature of being yourself at home and relaxing the song oozed playfulness.

In a shift of mood ‘Real Men Don’t Cry’ was an emotional ballad that captured the systemic issues of pride stopping men from speaking up about mental health. The song featured a beautiful fiddle solo by Emma, complimented by the dobro.

Although the band were suppose to stop short of their final song ‘Roll On’ due to running out of time, Fanny Lumsden decided to keep on playing past their set time. Egged on by the crowd to keep playing, and annoying the BIGSOUND staff greatly, they finished with a bang. The fun and energetic song had the crowd up and dancing a impromptu hoedown as the clock ticked past midnight. Sticking it to organizers Fanny Lumsden reminded us why we are at BIGSOUND in the first place, to listen to the music.

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