The Four B’s: this year’s BIGSOUND Fashion Trends

There has been a few fashion trends sticking out like a sore thumb at this year’s Bigsound conference. Our writer, Emily Hosking gives you her top most notable fashion statements, and this year, it is all about the four B’s.

Bigsound Bags

This year delegates receive their very own custom printed Bigsound fair-trade organic bags made by Liminal Apparel. If the incredible Bigsound line-up of speakers and artists wasn’t enough, this little goody bag certainly gives you bang for your buck. With portable phone chargers, hats, music prints and much more, the conference delegates are sporting these awesome bags that are fully equipped to get them through the long days. And they have added bonus of looking pretty funky too.

Bright Hair Colours

Amidst the sea of conference goers, there seems to be a common trend with many female delegates and music fans sporting brightly coloured hair-dos. With green being the most common wash, it is shortly followed by blue dipped edges and bold bright pink dos. For the boys, it’s all about the shaven sides, with many delegates making their way to the JBL Sound Lounge to grab a free cut from the lads and lasses.

Black Skinny Jeans

Walking home last night, I found myself in a flock of slightly intoxicated party goers. While starring at my shoes and cursing my feet, I quickly noticed that I was the only one in the pack not wearing tight black jeans. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. They are everywhere. Bigsound – did I miss the fashion memo?


Surprise, surprise! Well, it’s no secret that a full and scrumptious beard is totally in fashion right now, and Bigsound is no exception. Bushy beards are out in full force and some are wildly out of control. But really, is there anything more rock and roll than that?

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