Attention Gold Coast Groms: The BL Blast Off is Back On!

Barton Lynch, former World Champion and Australian Sporting Hall of Famer, is giving groms an unreal opportunity. With a passion around coaching the up and coming kids in the surfing industry, Barton is extending his coaching expertise internationally to kids 14 years old or younger.

The Event 

The BL Blast Off is an annual grom surfing event that takes place with one event in Sydney and one event in Bali, as well as one in the Maldives in the making. In past years, the event has seen some of the Oceanic region’s top talent with the likes of Tyler Wright and Mikey Wright winning their respective divisions of U14 and U12 in the event’s inaugural year. Unfortunately, like most events in 2020, the events had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Barton Lynch and his team worked hard to redesign it this year to not just reach kids within Australia and Asia-Pacific but take advantage of the new video submission design to share this opportunity internationally. Now all it takes to enter is to submit a video of you surfing, can be a single wave, single manoeuvre, or an edited clip up to one minute in length. 


The clip must be from 2020 with event window opening on 14 September and closing 31 October 2020. Videos will be uploaded daily and awards will be given weekly for Most Entertaining Clip and Kids Who Bring the STOKE, so take advantage of the unlimited entries.

The overall winners will be announced on 7 November after careful consideration from the elite judging panel. Along with Barton Lynch, the judges include Jack Robinson, Kyuss King, Vahine Fierro, Mahina Maeda and Eli Hanneman, some of surfing’s most exciting young surfers.

The categories include: The Expert’s Choice, People’s Choice, Best Wave, Best Wipe Out, Best Tube, Best Air and Most Potential. With that in mind, Gold Coast surfers have the perfect coastline to find opportunity to submit videos in all categories.

Final Note 

Our young Gold Coast surfing talent will no doubt be some of the top leaders throughout this event so take advantage of all the clips taken throughout the great swell from this year to date. This is a great chance to get advice from one of surfing’s best and most passionate coaches.

As Barton explains, “Our motto at BL Blast Off has always been that we ‘Coach kids not judge them’, and the focus has always been around improving and getting better not winning and losing. In that same way the video challenge is for everyone, not just the rippers but any kid who is stoked on surfing, we wanna see that stoke and then help the kids to improve.”

On a personal note to finish off, I got the chance to work with Barton when I was 13 years old on a 10-day training camp in Hawaii. It was one of the best experiences of my young surfing career and brought me advice that I carried through winning my world title and still to this day. This is an amazing chance to work with one of surfing’s greats. So, Gold Coasters, start sorting through your clips and finding every chance to film so you can be a part of the 2020 BL Blast Off!

For more information visit the website.

About the author:

Rachael Tilly, originally from San Clemente California, is now based and living on the Gold Coast of Australia. A former WSL Longboard World Champion and recent university graduate, she spends her time traveling, competing, and surfing around the world. She’s passionate about the longboard industry and serves as theWomen’s Surfers Representative on the WSL Longboard World Tour. As she continues to build experience as an athlete and using her sport management degree, she hopes to make a positive impact in the longboard and overall surf industry over the span of her career.

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