Springing Into Stride With Black Rabbit George

It’s been a fruitful year on the music front for Paul George, the front man of much-loved Gold Coast music institution Tijuana Cartel, a band whose high octane, celebratory live shows and eclectic musical output have made them firm favourites across the local musical landscape over many years.

In addition to his main band, George also moonlights under the musical alter-ego of Black Rabbit George, a project that strips things back and portrays his more introspective side with a decidedly delicate, roots/folk based musical approach, melded with synth flourishes and samples.

Having released the exemplary album, ‘Charles’, earlier this this year (which we reviewed in the pages of Blank GC), George is continuing to ride the momentum, with Black Rabbit George, in trio format, resurfacing for a special performance at the Currumbin Soundlounge on 1 November.

In the lead up, we went down the rabbit hole and had a natter to the man behind the moniker.

So what’s been happening in the world of Black Rabbit George since the release of your album, ‘Charles’, earlier this year?

Ah, life has been busy! I’ve been reworking the live set as well as touring heavily with my other band Tijuana Cartel. We’ve just got back from Europe and I have a few weeks to work on my Black Rabbit George stuff again.

You’re playing an upcoming show at the Currumbin Soundlounge on 1 November. What can we expect from you on the night? Have you got any new material you’ll be unveiling? 

I’ve got a heap of new material together with lots of the old stuff too. I have a killer three piece now with one of the members from Tijuana Cartel playing keyboard. Felicity Lawless and her band will also be joining us on the night.

How do you balance your time and musical energy between your two musical outlets? And is your song writing process clearly delineated between the two, or does the song emerge and you then work out which project it matches with best?

I write whatever comes, and then think where it will fit. It’s handy having the two projects, as it gives me a wider birth to be more creative and think in different paths of musical outcomes. Time wise it’s a challenge – there’s not much time for life outside of music at the moment.

Do you have any other creative outlets that you indulge in?

In what spare time I can get I enjoy making videos. I’ve been involved in making a couple for Tijuana Cartel and Black Rabbit George. I’m also in the process of making a mini documentary on the band Kallidad. Oh, also, there’s a short story based on Black Rabbit George called ‘Canggu Vintage’ you can find on Amazon.com.

Be sure to catch the Black Rabbit George, in trio format, when they dazzle and delight at the Currumbin Soundlounge on 1 November, together with Felicity Lawless and her band.

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