Blank staff return from meeting Al Gore

Local women, Samantha Morris and Melanie Brennan returned to the Gold Coast yesterday after meeting Al Gore in Melbourne.

They joined a group of 500 people from  32 countries trained to act as climate reality leaders by the former US Vice President. Gold Coast was well represented with at least five people attending the three day event

Samantha, a single mother from Mermaid Beach said that the event was about arming every day people with skills to communicate about the impacts of climate change.

“There is a groundswell of people – all sorts of people – from across the globe, who have had enough of government inaction,” she said.

She said climate change would have a profound impact on Gold Coast communities.

“We are a city nestled between the beach and the bush,” she said.

“We all value our special places, our beaches and the lifestyles they afford. And we are all connected to our rainforest hinterland and bushland areas.”

“Unfortunately though, climate change will profoundly transorm both our landscapes and the lifestyles we value,” Sam said.

Melanie, a consultant from Burleigh Waters and Advertising Coordinator for Blank GC said the five people who attended the training are now equipped to help other Gold Coasters better understand climate change and the action necessary to reverse current projections.

“The so-called climate change debate is non-existent,” Melanie said. “The idea that ‘the science isn’t in yet’ has been debunked over and over again.”

“The time to act on climate change was yesterday. We need people to help send a strong message to politicians around the globe that we know solutions already exist and that we expect them to take immediate action.”

Samantha and Melanie were selected to attend the Climate Reality Project training in Melbourne, which aims to educate people about the harmful effects of climate change and work toward solutions at a grassroots level.

Since 2007, one in 60 Australians have seen a Climate Reality Presentation and there is now a team of Gold Coasters available for climate presentations across the community. You can book a presentation at or by contacting Melanie Brennan on 0421 252 153.

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