Bleach* brings a new kind of beauty pageant to Gold Coast

Do you believe that beauty is more than skin-deep? Just as a woman in the bloom of youth or a lingering sunset is beautiful, is it possible that beauty can also be found in the turn of a mechanic’s wrist, a beautiful car, a spontaneous kind deed or a garden?

If you believe that beauty is more than skin deep, then the Bleach* Festival Beauty Pageant to held at the Mudgeeraba Community Hall on 8 April is the place to be.

Artist Elizabeth Woods believes the world is full of beautiful people. To sustain her desire for finding them, Woods seeks out people from all walks of life. Elizabeth is not in awe of the physically beautiful but for anyone who thinks beautiful thoughts, who may be capable of beautiful gestures or is able to observe beauty in any of its forms. She describes her work.

“One of the most distinguishing characteristics of my work is the factoring in of the general public into the arts activity.

“My practice is informed by our contemporary situation, my work is not informed by my own visions but on the integrated thoughts that pass through communities and community space, through these investigations I then construct something that relates to place,” she says.

“The audience changes in relationship to the site and venues. With this interaction the art work activates the viewer, by creating a participant even a collaborator. When the public begins to feature prominently in the art making equation the staging area for art making can be anywhere.

“With these expanded venues in the I believe the artist becomes more integrated into society. This is the keystone of my practice, I am thankful for the audience and employ the audience to increase my understanding of art within our contemporary situation.”

The Beauty Pageant, as part of Bleach* Festival 2017, is a free event for the whole family.

Beautiful People will compete for the title of The Most Beautiful Person of Bleach* Festival 2017 in the pageant. Each contestant will be given five minutes to convince the judges that they are the most charming, sincere, awe-inspiring and provocative on the day.

In past pageants, contestants have reflected philosophically on what beauty is and on their attraction to a wonderful cake; they have recited classical poetry, danced for their one true love, cooked pavlovas, undressed and simply kept silent.

What do you find beautiful? Can this be communicated in five minutes? Elizabeth has been in the Mudgeeraba community for the past week meeting with the community and finding contestants for the event.

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The Beauty Pageant will be held on Saturday 8 April at 5.00pm at Mudgeeraba Hall

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