Bleach* Festival 2017: Under the radar

Every year Bleach* Festival shakes up the city with ground-breaking dance, theatre, music and cultural events. The big world premieres and Spiegeltent cabarets of this year’s festival need no further introduction. But have you heard about the events below? We explore four of the festival’s under the radar events for 2017.

Snake Sessions

Sydney Company Branch Nebula brings their breathtaking anarchic street style performance to a local Gold Coast skate park. Branch Nebula’s team infiltrates the skate park, jamming moves and tricks with the locals and building up for a spectacular improvised performance at the end.

With a live drummer driving the action, bodies and wheels collide, race each other, and blur into one.Branch Nebula and its team of professional skaters, BMX riders, dancers and parkourists have wowed audiences from Sydney Festival to Hong Kong, Finland and Chile –now it’s the Gold Coast’s turn.

Snake Sessionsbrings the audience to a skate park to share an experience of urban culture as a powerfully dramatic and artisticexperience, and a celebration of its virtuosity and inventiveness.

Where: Pizzey Park Skate Park, 80 Pacific Ave, Miami
When: Workshops / Open Rehearsals Tuesday 4 –Friday 7 April: 11.00am –5.00pm | Performances Friday 7 –Saturday 8 April: 5.00pm –6.00pm

The Walls presents In The Zone

Comfort zone? Danger zone? Zone of promise? Tropical zone? Every professional athlete, part-time yogi, recreational surfer and contemporary artist knows the feeling of being ‘in the zone’ –the head space where you feel connected and everything seems to flow, and the physical space of pure bodily expression.

In The Zone is the second in the annual GAME PLAN exhibition series leading up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, where art and sport are on the same team. The exhibition takes the idea of being ‘in the zone’ beyond the sporting arena and into a territory of imaginary spaces between high performance places.

Get into the zone at The Walls opening night party on Saturday 1 April, 5.00pm –8.00pm, or visit throughout Bleach* Festival.

Where: The Walls Arts Space, 4/18 Mountain View Avenue, Miami
When: Saturday 1 April | Thursday 6 –Saturday 8 April | Thursday 13 –Saturday 15 April 11:00am –4.00pm

Dust Temple presents Emotional Journeys

Emotional Journeys is Kellie North’s commentary on her life as it constantly evolves, sometimes conscious sometimes not. The exhibition reflects on learnings from one emotional experience to the next, which in turn gives us all the strength to see things through to the next part of our journey.

Where: Dust Temple, Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin
When: 1 April –16 April Opening Night –6.00pm -9.30pm | Monday -Friday -6.30am -4.00pm | Saturday -Sunday–7.00am -1.00pm

Maverick Hair + Art Space presents Embrace Chaos

Surfing is a supreme act of balance. Drawing smooth lines on rail; battling the uncertainties of a shifting wave; performing physically while giving the impression of complete control. Capturing the reality of the chaos that encompasses our lives transforms the seemingly Zen act of surfing into a maelstrom of conflicting emotions, but also reveals a beauty that has evolved from the seemingly insignificant. A drop of water. A blurred shadow. A distorted figure.

This exhibition by photographer Fran Miller looks at surfing from a completely altered perspective.

Where: Maverick Hair and Art Space, First Floor, 1/17 Griffith Street, Coolangatta
When: Saturday 1 April –Saturday 15 April. Opening Night 6.00pm –9.00pm | Gallery Hours Tuesday –Saturday 9.00am –5.00pm

For the full Bleach* Festival program, click here.

IMAGE Snake Sessions (c) Adam Scarf

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