Major date change for Bleach* Festival

Bleached Arts announces major change for Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival dates.

After reporting on its most successful festival to date in April this year, Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival makes a bold move to relocate the city’s annual signature arts and cultural festival to August 2020, just in time for the launch of the new entity, Major Events Gold Coast, due to commence in July 2020.

Bleached Arts CEO and Artistic Director, Rosie Dennis, said: “As the city’s leading arts organisation, Bleached Arts will cement the Festival’s place into the City’s annual calendar come August 2020.

The timing allows for an opportunity to align a portion of programming with other festivals nationally, giving the ability to grow opportunities for touring artists and international companies a stop on the Gold Coast”.

As “The Gold Coast Festival”, Bleach* will continue to put the spotlight on local talent with city-wide programming, which sits perfectly with Major Events Gold Coast’s ‘whole-of-city’ approach.

“I’m excited to work with and see what this enthusiastic group of professionals will bring to major events on the Gold Coast and look forward to watching the Gold Coast flourish with this cohesive approach to leadership”, said Ms Dennis.

“I’m impressed by the city’s vibrancy, passion and commitment to growth, particularly its commitment to the arts. It is such an exciting time to be working in the city and I’m looking forwards to sharing more about our 2020 program in the coming months.”

IMAGE (C) Scott Belzner

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