Bleach Girls: Blitzkrieg Aloha

Hailing from the idyllic surrounds of Byron Bay, hot new garage-surf two piece Bleach Girls, Fi Fi Bleach on drums and vocals and Mickey Bleach on guitar and vocals, have been making some serious waves on the local music scene across 2016. Having just dropped their debut EP Hi, Anthony Gebhardt fired off some questions to get the low-down on the band and where they’re taking things next year.

Give us a quick rundown on how you two came together and started making music?

Mickey and I met because we both used to own Kombi vans that would break down all the time. We’d always see each other driving around the coast and wave at each other. We found out that we both played music and spoke about forming a band for about four or five years but were always busy with our own projects. And then one night on the piss we agreed to actually do it and here we are.

Can you describe the process of recording your debut EP, Hi! And what was it like working with Mark Duckworth, who’s been floating around the Gold Coast music scene for many a moon now.

The writing process for Hi! began in an old storage shed that we turned into a jam space in Burleigh. We wrote about 20 songs and jammed them every day until we were happy. So we booked a bunch of shows and took off to Bali for a month to tour, have some fun, get a tan and drink some beers. People really dug it so we got back and recorded our favourite tracks at Blind Boy Studios with Duck. He is one of our favorite humans so naturally it was a great time! He totally gets us, what we are about and understands our sound. He is a musical lord really and does so much for music on the Gold Coast! We’re already working on the next release together.

Has the lo-fi garage/punk/surf/scuzzy pop stuff coming out on Burger Records, as well as Oz bands such as Dune Rats, played a part in shaping your sound and outlook? Or are you more old school Ramones loving types..or both!?

Definitely more old school! If the Beach Boys met the Ramones, Bleach Girls would be their love child! The Dunies are top blokes though! And they work bloody hard!

What’s been the craziest or most exciting gig you’ve played so far?

The whole tour with the Goons of Doom was pretty wild! We got to follow around the WSL tour and play a bunch of shows with them which was all time. Apart from Duck they are also our favourite humans 😉

Any grand plans for the band in 2017, or take it as it comes?

We’re touring up and down the east coast all over summer. Really looking forward to Oz Fest on the Gold Coast. We’re playing a couple of really great festivals next year that we’re looking forward to announcing soon. The next EP is on the boil also. Mainly we’re just looking forward to having fun and to keep doing what we love! 

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Bleach Girls are at Ozfest, 28 January at Miami Tavern



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