BLIGH, Ella Fence and Joshu^Tree performing live at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse

The story begins that while in pandemic lockdown. Three of South East Queensland’s most talented musicians and bands Ella Fence, BLIGH and Joshu^Tree all met at a safe distance to discuss a unified strategy to awake from their collective COVID comas. While in secret conversation it was discovered that not only were all three acts dangerously talented but coincidentally, while unable to perform, all had made inquires about selling vital organs on the black market to continue funding their musical careers.

Fortunately for the sake of music (and sound body) Mo’s Desert Clubhouse charged onto the scene riding a white jewelled horse saving the day, proposing a less drastic measure than organ harvesting and invited all three acts to perform at the reopening of Mo’s magnificent venue.

With the COVID apocalypse abating with hearts and lungs accounted for, BLIGH, Ella Fence along with her band as well as special guest Joshu^Tree will perform live at Mo’s, on Sunday afternoon 6 September.

All three bands are celebrating new releases and all are beginning a new musical adventure.

BLIGH are recognised as a slick indie guitar and synth driven hailed as one of the countries most exciting bands made all the more brilliant by Queen-like vocals.

Ella Fence a renowned musical chameleon whose sonic musings traverse a artistic landscape the encompasses  the dark and menacing to sun dappled synth pop and indie alternative.

Special guest Joshu^Tree is enigmatic multidimensional psychedelic 70’s Rock revivalist.

Let’s all meet on Sunday 6 September and celebrate the triumphant return to the stage of 3 of the Goldie’s finest and together raise a glass to the return of live entertainment and Mo’s Desert Clubhouse.

Sunday 6 September, 3pm Doors

Mo’s Desert Clubhouse
6/36 Central Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

$30 ticket includes 3 Desert Dollars*
*1 Desert Dollar can be swapped for a standard drink, a non-alcoholic drink + snack, $6 Mo’s Merch credit  

This is an 18+ event.
Please adhere to venue’s social distancing policy. 

To find more info, visit here.

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