Bluesfest 2018 – Holy Holy

We sat down with Tim Carroll and Oscar Dawson from Aussie indie rock band Holy Holy to discuss their recent tour and their future album.

Most of us remember when Holy Holy’s debut album When the Storms Would Come was released in 2015. The now five-piece band was originally a two-piece formed by Tim Carroll (vocals, guitar) and Oscar Dawson (guitar) and have been joined by Ryan Stathie (drums), Graham Ritchie (bass) and Matt Redlick (keys, backing vocals), which gave their 2017 album Paint a more encompassing sound than their debut album.

The band toured Australia with Paint in January and February of this year with their Love Is For Amateurs tour and is already planning their next album. “I think the next album will be more experimental and electronic,” said Tim, “A bit less rock, as we aren’t writing with guitars anymore.” Talking about the progression of their music Oscar says, “It’s that balance between planning something and following something. You may have an idea in your head, but then you have to let that idea go and see where it takes you.”

Paint takes the bands 80’s sound and runs with it, combining synth runs with clever guitar solo’s and introspective lyrics. For the guys, the song that took them by surprise with its formation was Send My Regards. “We were in the studio doing something else,” Tim says, “and our drummer started doing this really choppy drum thing, Oscar started playing along. Our producer is pretty good at sensing when something is happening and he pressed record and we rolled with it. Not many people like it, but it’s one of our favourites. I read a review once where they said it was their least favourite song.”

The band enjoys hearing what their fans and reviewers think of their music, but one of the most direct ways of receiving feedback can be the tours, the last being their best yet according to Oscar. “We’ve been kind of fortunate to have gone slowly”, Tim explains, “from crowds of a hundred to this last one where we’re playing to over a thousand people per show. Having additional assistance like a guitar-tech has helped too, our sound has just gotten better and better. The fans make it feel like seventy-five minutes goes by so quickly, they make the tour so rewarding.”

Despite this they try not to travel for extensive periods of time, as partners and family make long tours hard to sign on to. “I miss my kids too much,” says Tim while Oscar says, “The coffee, not to sound like a bit of wanker, but I do miss the coffee.” Tim laughs, “You are a bit of a wanker.” Jokes aside the band not only met overseas, but they also love travelling when they can. A dream location to record their future album in would be the Netherlands, for both. “We had a bit of radio play there when we last toured there,” Tim says, “and it was wild to rock up to a town that we’d never heard of and couldn’t pronounce and have sold out shows. The sound and stage crews there were amazing, then you have these days off surrounded by incredible views and architecture.”

After playing at Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018 the guys are looking forward to sleeping in their own beds, before the music calls and they start the next album.

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