Body Count | Bloodlust | Album review

It’s been four years since rapper and actor Ice-T and his legendary and sometimes controversial metal project Body Count have released new material.

And while I wasn’t a big fan of the last album Manslaughter as a whole I was definitely intrigued to see what they would do next.

Since it was announced that the new record Bloodlust would be released this year fans young and old have lit up the Internet in anticipation and boy does this thing deliver the goods.

Ice-T’s vocals are in top form, every word spat out with so much venom and ferocity that you can’t help but hang on everything he has to say. Combined with Ernie C’s face-melting riffs you have a combination that rivals some of the greatest songwriting teams in metal today.

Body Count have been known to be controversial over the years and have tackled social and political issues that have ruffled feathers. Bloodlust is no different.

Black Hoodie, This Is Why We Ride and No Lives Matter examine issues of police brutality and street violence through Ice-T’s insightful and intelligently written lyrics.

There is also a pretty mean cover of Slayer’s Raining Blood which is executed almost flawlessly as a tribute to one of their greatest influences, inspiring even the most diehard Slayer fans to throw their horns up with respect.

The album includes impressive guests Max Cavalera (All Love Is Lost), Randy Blythe (Walk With Me) and Dave Mustaine on opening track Civil War which adds to the heavy sound of the record and will no doubt help introduce the band to legions of new fans that maybe weren’t even born when the first Body Count album was released 25 years ago.

Everything people are saying about this album is the absolute truth. It is honest, thought provoking, heavy as hell and quite possibly their best album to date. It’s already being tipped to be the number one metal album of the year.

And with the announcement of their first tour Down Under in over 20 years – which will no doubt sell out in every city you can’t help but agree that Body Count are at the top of the game and don’t show any signs of slowing down soon.

Nev Pearce

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