Bodyjar + 28 Days: On tour

It’s been a few years between beers but it is sure to be one hell of a reunion when Bodyjar and 28 Days tour around Australia once again.

21 years ago Bodyjar’s classic 1998 record ‘No Touch Red’ paved the way for their rise to being one of the most revered punk bands in Australia. In the early 2000’s their certified gold hit ‘How It Works’ and their fan favourites ‘Not The Same’ and ‘Fall To The Ground’ helped build their local and international fan base allowing them to share the stage with some of the biggest bands of that time in festivals such as Warped Tour and Australia’s own Big Day Out.

For over 20 years 28 Days have influenced many up-and-coming Australian bands by bringing a perfect balance between punk and nu-metal to their songs. 2000’s smash hit ‘Rip it Up’ along with their other hit songs including ‘What’s the Deal?’, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Sucker’ helped pave the way for 28 Days becoming so prominent in an industry where many promising bands have  come and gone with their one hit wonders and 15 minutes of fame.

So if you love a bit of nostalgia and reminiscing about your time spent at music festivals in the 2000’s then make sure you don’t miss out on this tour that will surely be a massive trip down memory lane for the Australian punk rock scene.

Catch Bodyjar and 28 Days when they smash into the Cooly Hotel on Friday 12 July. Tickets here.


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