No bones about Bones Rivers

Luke Houselander has a bit of a split personality, moonlighting as a cover artist under his own name and nurturing a bad-ass blues project known as Bones Rivers on the side.

It seems like such a classic blues name that one, Bones Rivers, and I’m not wrong. According to Luke he found the name on a Facebook ‘blues name generator’. That random generator came up with Pretty Bones Rivers and he dropped the ‘pretty’. He said he felt he had no choice due to the crazy variations he kept getting on his real name.

“I was driving into Mudgee and there’s a big billboard driving in and it ‘Tonight, Luke Hoovenhousen’ and that was the last straw for me,” he laughed.

The Gold Coast artist has an uncanny and unique blues sound, with a hard-hitting style of guitar playing. His songs incorporate a fierce and driving beat with a twist of ethereal sounds that see blues, rock and world sounds melded together. Luke has been honing his craft on the Gold Coast for more than six years.

Working closely with Benny D Williams and his studio BDW Music Productions, Luke is releasing a new EP ‘The BDW Sessions’ to highlight the work of his producer friend and raise revenue for both of them. He’ll be releasing singles every month until the end of the year.

“To help Benny out I have spent some money asking him to remaster some of these songs we worked on a while ago and have named the EP ‘The BDW Sessions’, in hope others seek out his services as he is another musician without gigs at the moment.”

“All of the songs were recorded/produced by Gold Coast musicians.”

The next single off the EP is ‘Mississippi’. Luke says he’s already sent it to radio and had a great response.

“It’s on 20 stations around Australia,” he told Blank Gold Coast.

Like many musicians, Luke’s lost a bunch of gigs as a result of this global pandemic – around $3000 and counting and not just from live performances but from sound work and stage work as well.

“I keep feeling really lucky, but that’s because I’ve always looked outside of music for relevance as well as skill-wise. But, yeah, my whole year’s plans have kinda gone to shit.”

Luke says one of the best ways Gold Coast music-lovers can support artists right now is by buying merch. (And yes, Luke has Bones Rivers shirts on his Bandcamp). And word-of-mouth endorsements.

“The fans who buy everything I put out and check up and make requests for things, they’re all word of mouth,” he said, stressing how important it is for people to share the music they love.

To buy a copy of ‘The BDW Sessions’ just hop on to the Bones Rivers Bandcamp page and while you’re there, you can grab a shirt or three.

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