Book review: FINDING HOME – Journeys of Hope | Multicultural Families Org

Millions of people around the world, each day, are forced to make impossible choices where both sides of the coin can result in death, imprisonment, torture or separation from those they love.  For many who do flee and make it alive, they find themselves displaced, spending their days waiting to be accepted into a country they can call home.

For some their journey to home has ended here on the Gold Coast.  On arrival here, our local Multi Cultural Families Organisation (MFCO) is here to greet them and support them as they integrate and settle in their new lives here. Through a range of services, MCFO helps these families to thrive by being there as they heal from their tragedies, celebrating with them through their highs and holding events and gatherings that help connect them to our community.

Finding Home by MCFO is a collection of stories told by the many refugees whose journey has ended up here on the Gold Coast and who MCFO has supported.  It tells of their personal experiences from their lives of peace to a life of war, living in fear of their neighbours and in fear for their families.  We get to witness the choices they made and their journey to home in Australia.

Many of these stories have you hanging on the edge of your seat, but all leave you with immense admiration for these people who, under hopeless circumstances, have discovered an abundance of strength, courage and hope.

Finding Home “demonstrates that to be a refugee is not a mark of shame or disgrace”. Refugees are humans who have endured trauma, sacrifice and grief many of us, the reader could never know. Refugees teach us how hope and faith can create miracles.

To get your copy of ‘Finding Home – Journeys of Hope’ head to  All proceeds go towards the funding of the organisation and the many programs it offers.

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