Book review | House Plants: How to look after your Indoor Plants | Isabelle Palmer


There’s nothing like spring to motivate two things. A massive de-clutter and cleaning frenzy and some weird biological urge to grow things. Enter House Plants.

This absolutely stunning book is a gardening guide for the modern (and artistic) gardener.

The 144 page, full-colour book will be as much at home on your coffee table as your garden shed though and the author has included sections on choosing containers, decorative toppings, pruning, terrariums, aquatic plants, bathrooms, succulents, herbs, cutting fresh flowers , bonsai hanging gardens.

Isabelle Palmer has made a name for herself as a balcony gardening expert but this book shows her flair for indoor gardening and styling as well. Her coverage of unusual planting ideas is on point and quirky. She uses old lightbulbs as planters, grows plants in hanging bottles and has a whole section on growing moss indoors.

House Plants: How to look after your Indoor Plants contains more than 60 innovative and stylish ideas for creating indoor plant displays.

It’s a beautiful book that will appeal to those seeking hands-on advice, but also those simply looking for visual stimulation for their indoor gardening efforts.

It’s available from 1 October 2016 via Hardie Grant Books and retails for $39.95. You can read more about Isabelle and her work at





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