Book review: The Little Book of Big Weightloss | Bernadette Fisers

I know – groan – another weight loss book, amirite? Well, I’m here to tell you, in market which is oversaturated with epic tomes containing weighty “doctor” recommendations and plenty of pseudoscience, this Aussie mum’s collection of 31 sensible tips is a real breath of fresh air.

Both quickly and easily read (I digested it in just over 30 minutes), ‘The Little Book of Big Weightloss’ came together when hair and makeup artist Bern, tired of endless yoyo dieting, had the idea to ask her model clients for their best tips. After gathering them all, reading up extensively, then trying each on one herself, Bern found herself losing a whopping 30 kilos in 30 weeks. When the mums at school pickup were pretty uniformly saying “Oh my god, what did you do?” Bern decided to stop scribbling her tips on the back of homework and sticky notes, and write the cutest book she possibly could instead.

And cute, it absolutely is. Written in a light, conversational style in a small compact tome with one tip per double page spread, this bright orange and white guide has everything you want in a weightloss book. Its tips are very clear and, for the most part, not a stretch for the average dieter to follow long term. Some of the more major ones eg. virtually quitting sugar, might be a struggle at first. But the beauty of it is, you can start the same way Bern did, by making small changes, one at a time, and then moving on to the next tip when you’re ready.

There is very little in the book that wouldn’t have heard before, and for a small book, it contains a pretty large dose of common sense. Still, it’s great to see all the tried and true tips in one handy little guide, and also acts as a perfect reset for those who those might be ‘mostly’ good, but are still letting bad habits creep back in.

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