Bouncing to the Night Beats

We fired off some quick questions to Night Beats ahead of their visit to our beautiful shores this month.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

How long have you guys been working? Five years.

How you would you describe your sound? Loud.

Who are some of Night Beats’ major influences? Acid-washed denim, dryer sheets, onions, medieval devices, mummification, old felt, Pig Latin.

What is on your current playlist for travelling? The Pharmacy, White Fence, Audio Books.

What should we be listening to other than Night Beats? The Pharmacy, White Fence, Audio Books.

Have you been to Australia before? No.

Where are you heading to after here? China, Antarctica, South America, Japan.

_ _ _ _
Seattle based Night Beats play Elsewhere on Friday 19 September
Photo: Daniel Cavazos

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