Brand’s new album set to get NightQuarter crowds on their feet

Homegrown country rocker Adam Brand is launching his umpteenth studio album Get On Your Feet at our very own NightQuarter in a massive, free concert in February.  The multi Gold-and-Platinum record superstar has called the Gold Coast home for several years now, and chosen to kick off the tour of what many are saying is his best album yet, on home turf. We caught up with Adam fresh (or not so fresh, ha!) from his stint as Party Ambassador at Tamorth Country Music Festival. We still have no idea what that is, but sounds like something we’d be good at.

You’ve won a lot of awards throughout your career. Is there one in particular that has had the greatest meaning or biggest impact on you?

All my awards are special. Of course my Golden Guitar wins mean a lot to me, as it is recognition from the industry – but to be honest, it is the fan voted awards that probably mean the most to me. I have been lucky enough to be voted CMC’s Oz Artist Of The Year seven times and never take this for granted. Without our fans and people listening to and enjoying our music, we as artists couldn’t do this career that we love. The fans are by far the most important people in the industry.

Do you ever look back or listen to your first recordings from nearly 20 years ago? If so, what do you feel or think when you hear them?

Occasionally I hear an early recording or I see a promo picture from back then and I shake my head at what i was thinking! hahaha… but I guess we all do that when we look at ourselves 20 years ago right? But my early songs really lay the foundation for my career. When I first started making music, I didn’t know exactly where I would end up, but I knew that I wanted to keep evolving. I have always liked to challenge myself with my music – so I look back on my earliest music gratitude, thankful that people accepted me and my music back then and allowed me to keep doing this nearly 20 years on. Even when I release new music, I will always play my old stuff at my shows.

You’ve had some well-publicised rough times over the last several years. How are you feeling at the moment in both the personal and professional sense?

Life is good! I am really excited about my new album Get On Your Feet and all that 2017 has to offer. It’s been a different project for me this one – I let go of the reins a bit with this album and am really happy with the outcome. For the first time in a long time, I have a lot to look forward to. Yes, there have been a few tough times over the past few years, but the only difference is that sometimes mine have been played out in the public eye. Everywhere, everyone is going through something – good or bad – but you don’t hear about it – just because you read about mine in the media, doesn’t mean that it is any better or worse than what anyone else is going through. Whats important no matter who you are is learning from our rough patches and moving on stronger.

Tell us about Get On Your Feet – what is the theme of the album and what can fans expect to hear?

The title says it all for me – it’s all about getting up and having a good time. Get On Your Feet was recorded between Nashville and Sydney and features a collection of songs that I wanted to press ‘repeat’ on when I was driving in the car.

I had two female producers on this album…pretty different for a blokey bloke like me, but they helped me find the right balance of songs and gave it a great new feel. I gave about a hundred and fifty tunes a spin and only ten songs made the final running order. Hopefeully you’ll like the variety on this album as much as I do!

What does it mean to do to launch your new album in your home town?

The Gold Coast is an incredibly vibrant cultural city and I wanted to tap into this for my album launch. Not your usual “country music” album launch choice, but one that I hope will help showcase the diversity of music on the Gold Coast and share my music with some people that may not have heard it before. NightQuarter is incredible and I can’t wait to play there! Not only that…. when I’m not away on tour you’ll usually find me hanging out at NightQuarter anyway! ha!

What does being ‘Party Ambassador’ for the Tamworth CMF mean? Sounds like fun!

Well, I’ve actually just got home to the Gold Coast from the 2017 Tamworth CMF and let me tell you it was a whole lot of fun! I certainly took my role as “party ambassador” very seriously, as did everyone that came to the Festival – just need a week or so to recover before the next party! My album launch will be another huge party, so be preapred to “get on your feet”!

What five albums could you not live without on a road trip?

I like to mix it up and play a selection of songs rather than albums.. here are a few songs from my roadtrip playlist!

Imagine – John Lennon
Dirt road anthem– Jason Aldean
I’m on fire – Springsteen
Toes – Zac brown
Not ready to make nice – Dixie chicks

Catch Adam Brand’s Get On Your Feet album launch at NightQuarter on Friday 11 February

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