Brazouka brings Brazilian beats

I’ve never been to Brazil. I got close. Where the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet there’s a monstrous river and waterfall called Iguazu. I spent a week there trying to get a visa which never materialised.

From the viewing points of the falls I could see Brazil. Ha. As if. Brazil is one of those places you need to visit to experience: the colour, the sounds, the people. It’s a long way between Gold Coast and Rio.

So maybe Brazouka is a good starting point for those not inclined to fly to the other side of the planet.

Narrated by comedian, turned Brazilian dance lover, Billy Connolly, Brazouka is performed by Brazil’s most thrilling new dance troupe and is an “inspirational story” featuring the illustrious martial arts dance – Capoeira – as well as freestyle Lambada and Lambazouk. And samba. Don’t forget the samba.

The show has limited runs throughout Australia, and thankfully, the Gold Coast has been included. Brazouka plays at Jupiters from 4 December to 18 January and dinner and show packages are available. Get more at

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Brazouka at Jupiters
4 December – 18 January


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