The Breeders: back with a brand new record, featuring classic line-up

Deliriously divine alt-pop icons The Breeders (featuring the delightful Kim Deal, of Pixies fame) are back with their first album in eight years, in the form of their fifth full length release, ‘All Nerve’. And in exciting news, it reunites the classic ‘Last Splash’ line up of the band (sisters Kim and Kelley Deal, as well as Josephine Wiggs on bass and powerhouse drummer Jim McPherson) buy cialis low price for the first time in 25 years.

The album has just been released on 4AD/Remote Control, and features the singles ‘Wait In The Car’, ‘All Nerve’ and ‘Nervous Mary’, with some of the engineering and mixing being handled by the iconic Steve Albini. And our very own Courtney Barnett even turns up on the album, providing backing vocals on the track ‘Howl At The Summit’.

‘All Nerve’ features all of the band’s signature stylings, a sweet and sour concoction of eerie narratives and spine tingling, woozy-pop dynamics, all snugly cocooned within those distinctive and sweetly off-kilter inter-sister harmonies and yelps. In short, it’s as good as you’d wish it could be!

Check out the the album trailer here:

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