Brewing the Best Beats

Friday 20 September, Burleigh Brewhouse

The scent of hops and malt floated on the air as Brisbane band Street 66 took to the stage at the Burleigh Brewery this Friday night. The Food & Groove event, organized in conjunction with Rabbit Radio, saw families, friends and fans mingle together – unable to keep the groove from infiltrating their shaking hips. With the brewery in the backdrop, and a sold out food station standing by, the band launched into a reggae/hip-hop song that instantly filled the night with energy.

Standing near the front of the stage I looked around and saw a wall of people caught up in the infectious rhythm, which was overlaid with the husky and talented voice of Street 66’s lead singer Amir Hack. Listening to a conversation nearby, the only bone of contention in the crowd was whether they enjoyed the opening act – a collaboration between local musicians Evan Manttari and Anika Mantell – or Street 66 more. Overall consensus was that they both rocked.

Considering it was the debut performance for Street 66, the boys put on a great show. Thanking the crowd effusively and interacting with their audience, at one point making a joke about the use of profanity in their songs, Hack kept the crowd smiling. Half way through their track Ghost Town an adorable little girl caught my eye, dancing front and centre, and proving that this really was an event for all ages. Liam Butler kept the bass beating as they launched into Ganja Grunge and the band gathered together to groove with drummer Jackson Martens.

The influence of artists like Bob Marley and Al Green were evident as the music spread through the crowd, with lead guitarist Julian Holland pushing the rhythm that pulled the set together.

As the night wound down, and the bell was rung for last drinks, everyone could agree it was a successful Food & Groove -“Yes, this is Street 66, step right in and take some licks.”



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