Brilliant Belligerence

They’ve come a long way since landing a spot at Parklife 2012 as Triple J Unearthed winners, and now The Belligerents are only a few months away from releasing their debut album.

The Brisbane five-piece consisting of Lewis Stephenson, James Griffin, Konstantin Kersting, Andy Balzat and Samuel Sargent, spent the first part of 2016 locked away in a farmhouse on Stradbroke Island to write their upcoming record.

“We had sort of already done the studio thing all before, we’ve done three EPs in the past and all of them were recorded in a really nice studio so we just thought we’d do something different, something out of the box,” said Kersting.

“Through a friend of a friend we found this house on Stradbroke… so we took the gear with us to turn it into a studio and it was moreso we were in an amazing location that was different which was cool about it.”

“The main thing for us was that we wanted to stay there, and be there the whole time and wanted to have that vibe where we are all in the moment.”

In the meantime, The Belligerents released teaser track Before I Am in March and will visit the Gold Coast in May as part of their single tour around the country.

Similar to the sound fans have heard before, Kersting says the first single needed to ease people into the new sound this self-produced album will have.

“I think Before I Am is the most similar to the stuff we have put out before and that’s probably deliberate because we didn’t want to scare people off too much,” he said.

“We had worked with other producers in the past like Yanto Browning who was like my mentor because we worked in the same studio but since it’s just the five of us in the studio now, we all essentially have the same idea of what we want it to sound like.”

“It’s moreso the idea in your head of how you want the song to sound like and that sound is now coming out the way we anticipated it to and I think with the album we got 95 to 100 per cent of the way there.”

The unnamed (for now) album is expected to be released around July-August but fans will have the chance to hear some new favourites during their single tour over the next month.

As for what’s next, Kersting says The Belligerents are taking it one step at a time.

“It is all about the single tour now and after that we’ll be going into release mode for the next single around May/June before the album in July/August,” he said.

“These are all really rough dates until we fully finish the album but we’ll be going on our biggest tour after it’s release so we’ll see how we go, you never know!”

“I just think we’ve made a cool record and I hope people can connect to it because we’re all really proud of what we’ve done.”

The Belligerents are at elsewhere 6 May. More at

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