Bringing the Irish to Gold Coast for Festival of Small Halls

Born and raised in Wexford County Ireland, Irish Mythen has travelled the globe. From the Middle East to Australia, Europe and the UK, she has worked with artists such as The Dubliners, The Pogues, Christie Moore and Tom Paxton.

Immigrating to Canada in 2008, she’s become an admired and respected artist on the local scene. With two EPs and three full-length releases to her name, her latest self-titled offering just took out the East Coast Music Award 2015 for roots / traditional solo recording of the year.

And she’s about to stop in on the Gold Coast, as the Festival of Small Halls makes its way here once again. Samantha Morris and Irish exchanged a few words ahead of her visit.

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What sparked the move from Ireland to Canada? 

Actually I came from Australia to Canada. I was in Perth for over four years. I adored it. And it’s been too long away and can’t wait to get back.

Tell me about your first trip to Australia? 

I arrived in 2000 to Perth. I lived in Mount Lawley, then mount hawthorn. Loved it so much. The people. The beaches. The food. The live music scene. Drank in every bit of it. I used to like going surfing but I remain completely crap at it!

Do you know much about the towns you’ll be playing in for Festival of Small Halls? 

I don’t actually and to be honest that’s what I love. I love coming to new places and exploring all that the place has to offer. For me travelling between the towns and getting to see outside the cities is what I’m most pumped about. I can only imagine all the characters I’ll meet along the way.

Your bio says you will have us “laughing from the very beginning until long after the end of her show.” Tell me about your show?  

My big thing is that the show is an all round entertainment. I’m conscious of the fact that some of my songs are heavy hitting so for me it’s very important to lift people up again after that. Also I love taking the energy of the crowd and running with that. I’m known for talking to the crowd or picking out a couple of people to crack a word with. Love a good heckler too! Ha!

You’ve travelled the globe. What’s your favourite festival,  town,  thing to do to wind-down? 

Favourite festival ? That’s a tough one….I think I’d have to say Mariposa folk festival in Ontario.  Favourite town? Enniscorthty County Wexford Ireland.  Favourite thing to unwind? Camping and fishing for sure!

Tell me about opening for Rod Stewart earlier this year at Cavendish Music Festival?

It was amazing! Huge stage. Huge crowd. Huge buzz all around. The energy was intoxicating. Seeing myself on massive screens was a laugh too. Glad I got the old hair done before the show, hahaha.

It’s been a pretty big year for you, hasn’t it? 

It’s been the biggest year of my career no doubt. The team I have around me now is top of the line. The team in Canada and in Australia is one I’ve been waiting for. The shows I’ve done have been huge. Opening for Rod Stewart, closing for Lyle Lovett …the list goes on. Singing an unaccompanied song in front of 20,000 people and you could hear a pin drop … You can’t buy or recreate that feeling. Winning the awards. Ah it just goes on and on. Wonderful year.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

I’m so looking forward to getting back to Australia and being a part of Small Halls is a great honour. It was born here in Prince Edward Island so I’m pretty proud. And who knows…maybe I’ll actually stand up when I catch a wave this time.

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Irish Mythen and Starboard Cannons play Festival of Small Halls when it comes to Springbrook on 4 December and Mudgeeraba on 20 December.

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