Brisbane Bands In Force At Falls Festival 2014

The Brisbane kids have done the sunshine state proud when they enthralled the masses last night and this morning at the Byron leg of the Falls Festival. From DZ Deathrays absolutely killing it live as the last band on the Forest stage and Moses Gunn Collective opening the stage this morning, every set has been stellar. For our coverage of DZ Deathrays’ set last night, read our awesome review penned by Jake Wilton here.

Moses Gunn Collective
As the group walked out covered in glitter (not chrome), they had a definite throwback feel to their visage. When the guitars sent out their first notes, it was more than confirmed that this band was fusing the new with old and creating an epic psychedelic jam on stage in front of a busy tent. The crowd was in sync with the musicians, dancing along in time to their tracks. The band was clearly enjoying themselves, with smiles frequenting their faces numerous times throughout the set.

Mosman Alder
After recording their album Humdrum Star with Something for Kate’s Paul Dempsey, you can be sure that this band is one you would make time to see. Mosman Alder managed to weave intricate violin-work with their other instruments to perfection as they filled out the Forest stage with their own sweet sounds. Their melodies were twinkling, and their overall sound was intoxicating, just as you can hear on their album. Their set finished all too soon, and I for one cannot wait to see them again.

With only two Brisbane artists left to play Falls Festival, I think it is safe to say that their presence has brought it home for the capital city. Each set was incredible. DZ Deathrays were commanding. Moses Gunn Collective took punters to an ethereal place. Mosman Alder lifted the crowd with their soaring melodies. Each act gave their all on stage and the results were spectacular.

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