From Jacobs Well to Tamworth: Brooke Lambert’s country journey

Brooke Lambert grew up in the generic levitra shipped from india small town of Jacobs Well surrounded by music throughout her childhood. It’s no wonder she found her place in storytelling and in the Country/Pop genre.

Brooke’s debut EP ‘Right Now’ charted at #4 on the iTunes Country charts following her leading singles ‘I’ll Wait For You’ and ‘You Don’t Own Me’ which both play on CMC and enjoy airplay across KIX Country, 98.9, Hot Tomato, Juice and The Wolf cialis facts Australia. Brooke is currently working on her second studio EP with producer Jared Adlam from Machine Lab Studios on the Gold Coast and a busy performance schedule will see her at the next Tamworth Country levitra professional overnight delivery Music Festival in 2019. We thought it was time to get buy no rx cialis the low-down on this rising country star.

Most people wouldn’t associate the Gold Coast with country music. What was it like growing up on the Gold Coast and being so passionate about country?

Honestly, it wasn’t very easy, especially throughout my schooling years. I got teased a lot for it, I guess it was just different to what everyone else was listening to and the people I went to school with couldn’t understand why I wasn’t into what everyone else was into.

I ended up becoming so passionate about country music, the storytelling in particular, that I spent a lot of time alone, writing, practicing and thankfully, never giving up.

It’s so great to see now though how much Country music is being accepted in so many places, including the Gold Coast. Performing at the Broadbeach Country Music Festival in 2017 was incredible and it’s always so great to see every year how many people come out for that. The acceptance of Country music really has improved over time.

I understand your new video ‘I Don’t Wanna Hate You’ was shot around the Gold Coast?

Yes! The beach scenes in the video were all shot at The Spit, one of my favourite beaches to go to. I really wanted people to see how beautiful the Gold Coast is and it meant a lot to me to include a stunning view of my home in the video. I think so many people just associate the Gold Coast with being not much more than just a party town which couldn’t be further from the truth. I feel like I’m on a holiday every single day that I live here and I couldn’t be more grateful to call it home.

The house scenes in the video were shot at the director’s house, also on the Gold Coast. I wanted to shoot the majority of the video in a home as that’s where all of my memories are with the person I wrote the song about. Something I couldn’t get past when the relationship fell apart was that he was never going to be in my house again, that his side of the bed was always going to be made up and things like that. I just kept seeing him around the house.

The music video, much like my songs, is very honest and a true reflection of how everything went down over that year. I’m very proud of what we put together.

Your new song hit #35 on the itunes country charts. That’s a wonderful achievement. That must help with feeling validation for the choices you’ve made to get you where you are now.

This was honestly the best thing to wake up to. I had a pretty hard year last year and took some time off to look after myself. I was so afraid that leaving almost 2 years between releases would be detrimental to my career so to wake up and see that not only did I crack the Australian iTunes charts but that my song had come in at #35 was incredible.

So much time, money, gigs and late nights went into making this new record and to have the first single pay off like this definitely makes me feel like everything I’ve done up to this point was completely worth it!

You’re headed down to Tamworth in January, along with the rest of the nation’s country music stars. What’s it like being in Tamworth at that time? What are you hoping to achieve?

I absolutely love the Tamworth Country Music Festival! It’s such a buzz being surrounded by Country music fans from all over Australia and also other musicians. We are one big family and it’s one of the few times a year that everyone is in the same place at the same time. I definitely feel that Tamworth is a second home to me. During the festival, you can’t walk anywhere without passing people following their dreams and it’s just such an inspiring environment to be in.

I’m playing a lot of gigs this festival including full band shows which is something that I haven’t done before. I’m really looking forward to showcasing my new EP which is set for release in March 2019. I’m hoping to show people a completely different side to Brooke Lambert as my new music has a completely different feel to the music I’ve released in the past. I hope to meet as many people as possible!

What’s on the cards for Brooke Lambert for 2019 and beyond?

One word comes to mind. TOUR. I’ll be releasing my second single off the new EP in February 2019, the EP itself in March 2019 and following that, I am planning to tour the country as much as possible. This past couple of years I have spent writing, recording and gigging locally and I feel that it’s finally time I get right out there and make the most of the release by taking it to as many places as possible.

I want to work on doing more music videos, playing more festivals and just getting out there as much as I can!

I’ll also still be doing plenty of writing as that part of me never sleeps!

I’ve received so much support from people over the years and I just can’t wait for what’s ahead!

You can catch Brooke here on the Gold Coast Saturday 22 December at Rivea Italian Dining in Broadbeach before she hits Tamworth big time. Brooke has 14 shows in Tamworth over twelve days. No mean feat.

Brooke Lambert’s 2019 Tamworth shows

Saturday 19 Jan – Pig & Tinderbox – Tamworth

Sunday 20 January – ‘Write Like A Girl’ Songwriter’s Round – The Tudor – Tamworth

Sunday 20 January – The Family Hotel – Tamworth

Monday 21 January – Fanzone – Tamworth

Monday 21 January – The Longyard (w/ Jarred Taylor & The Iron Shackle Band) – Tamworth

Tuesday 22 January – The Family Hotel – Tamworth

Wednesday 23 January – Imperial Hotel (w/Jarred Taylor & The Iron Shackle Band) – Tamworth

Thursday 24 January – Tudor Hotel (w/ Josh Setterfield) – Tamworth

Friday 25 January – The Longyard (w/ Josh Setterfield) – Tamworth

Saturday 26 January – Tamworth Shopping World – Tamworth

Saturday 26 January – Imperial Hotel (w/ Jarred Taylor & The Iron Shackle Band) – Tamworth

Sunday 27 January – Pig & Tinderbox – Tamworth

Sunday 27 January – The Longyard (w/ Josh Setterfield – Tamworth

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