A bite to eat with Burger Joint

T-Bone and G from local funk-rock duo Burger Joint have recently arrived home on the Gold Coast after a tour of Darwin, armed with an assortment of goodies for their legion of fans.

The first of which is their brand new film clip to an existing fan favourite, further enhancing and showcasing their extreme love of humour and featuring a guest cameo by another local identity.

“We are releasing a song called ‘Chicken Parmigiana,” T-Bone revealed, “which is about the dish and we’ve done a film clip in the Condong Bowling Club. The clip is us rocking up on our motorbikes and we get off and walk into this pub like we are rock stars – totally taking the piss – and we look like we’re about to play the gig of our lives. The film clip is us playing to an empty room except for one guy in the corner by himself and at the end of the clip we do the big rockstar ‘thank you, thank you’ and we get the slow clap from old mate. It’s a really funny film clip and we’re pretty stoked with how it turned out.”

Which all sounds well and good, but where is the mention of the star of the title?

“We did have one stunt parmigiana,” T-Bone laughed, “that got cooked up and we also had a cameo from Benny D Williams who plays the chef in the film clip, so he cooks up this parmigiana and then eventually old mate takes one bite of it for the whole film clip (laughs).”

When pressed if the almost impossible spelling of parmigiana had anything to do with Burger Joint wanting to write a song about it, T-Bone gave a wry smile.

“I’m pretty sure we got the spelling wrong on our first print of cd wallets,” he laughed, “so we got ourselves too if that was the case.”

Whereas most bands follow the conventional route of releasing singles from their latest musical output, Burger Joint are far from the type of band to follow such patterns. ‘Chicken Parmigiana’ is actually from the band’s debut EP, with another being released since.

“This is ‘Chicken Parmigiana Disco Version’, he shrugged flippantly. “We did the first EP and rushed it out but the more we were playing gigs, the more we were finding our sound. We were playing these more funk versions of our songs and we had this disco version of parmigiana that we were doing and we thought it was heaps better. It always got the crowd going so we thought we really should re-record it with the way we play it live because it wasn’t representative of what we sounded like any more so we went back and we re-recorded it. It also makes the video funnier because we are fully busting out this disco music to no-one. It’s like doing a best of two years after (laughs).”

Burger Joint are one of those rare bands that centres on fun as a primary component and lets the laughter dictate the music, not the other way around. It is fresh and vibrant and a method which T-Bone says is indicative of the way they approach their craft.

“Basically our ethos with the band is we’re just two mates making each other laugh,” he said, “so we sit around and talk shit and have a joke about stuff and then – as you do after a few beers – go ‘wow that’s a great idea, we should do that’. Most of our ideas for the band are formed around us having a laugh and then hoping that other people find it funny as well.”

Because of this personal approach to music, T-Bone admits that at times he and G are surprised by the level of success with which Burger Joint enjoy.

“People tell us that it’s refreshing,” he measured, “because there are so many bands out there who are so serious and have all this dark, emotional stuff. I think at the end of the day sometimes people

just want to go to a gig and be entertained and have a bit of fun and not hear about someone’s latest break. We’re pretty happy that people like it because we’re just doing what we like to do.”

Grab a bite with the guys at Miami Marketta on 27 September.

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