Buried Alive: Catherine Gunther

Catherine Gunther, known around the Gold Coast for her unique blend of country and folk and intimate shows, is taking a different turn with her new single, ‘Buried Alive’. After a relocation to Sydney earlier this year and a new single on the way, Gunther is coming into her own and it seems, maturing into the artist that she was born to be.

The new release, ‘Buried Alive’, is darker and more gritty than anything else she has written to date. It shows a maturity and a truth that she has never shown her fans before.

“I’d always wanted to move away from what I had been doing but it took writing ‘Buried Alive’ to do that,” she said. “It was like growing up and reaching adulthood musically.”

Recording the song with Jared Adlam was said to be “creative” but “comfortable”, with Adlam bringing out the best in her and also bringing her songs to life. They originally discussed how she heard the song playing out in her head first and then Adlam went away and came back with a near perfect match, so much so that there was barely anything to change.

“Working with Jared has been a dream, he understood me from day one on the direction and sound I wanted to take my music in.”

The song starts with Gunther’s vocals coming in with the eerie plucking of a banjo that sets the Americana scene. Warbling guitar and crashing drums then seal the deal, making you feel like you’re sitting on a porch in an American-Western movie, thinking about the man that has done you wrong.

“When I wrote this track over two years ago I felt lost, weighed down by the sudden and unexpected changes I was faced with personally and musically. It’s sad, it’s painful, it’s raw, but at the time it was necessary. It would be a song that would become a catalyst for my new sound and musical direction. Everything I have written and recorded since comes from the cathartic nature of this track allowing me to say goodbye to the past and hello to a new beginning,” Catherine explained.

While she isn’t recording and releasing music Catherine is writing. Whether that be stories, novels, music or a few articles for online websites here and there.

“Storytelling is my life and writing is something I just have to do, whether it’s songs or stories, most of my week is spent this way. Some weeks I spend more time on the songs, some weeks I spend more time on the stories but no matter what a day not spent writing is a day wasted.”

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Catherine Gunther’s new song ‘Buried Alive’ is out on all platforms from 29 August.


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