Burleigh Bazaar takes things to the next level

With a new name and an expansion to fit crowds of up to 1200, Burleigh Bazaar (ex-BBQ Bazaar) has quietly established itself as a contender for one of the best small to mid-sized venues on the Gold Coast.

If you make your way to Burleigh on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will likely stumble across Burleigh Bazaar.

Located in Burleigh’s warehouse area, it features live music, incredible food and a great atmosphere.

Since its opening in 2018, Burleigh Bazaar has established itself as a thriving musical, social and foodie hub on the southern end with a non-stop killer lineup of local and national acts crossing the stage with regularity.

Owner Michael Salay decided to open the permanent night market because of his background in cooking and food manufacturing.

“Originally the building was purchased for the purpose of expanding our manufacturing business, but after many years in this field, I wanted to explore something a bit more exciting,” he explained.

Since opening, they have changed their focus to live music and increased the size of the venue to be able host 1200 people. They have also had a name change.

“BBQ Bazaar was the previous name and I decided to change it to Burleigh Bazaar because our focus changed, and the BBQ-style goods limited the options for patrons who did not want a meat-fest,” he said.

“Also some people thought the venue was actually a shop selling BBQs and parts for their Weber,” he laughs.

While Michael can’t pick just one favourite moment from the last couple of years, he truly finds running Burleigh Bazaar incredibly rewarding.

“It’s great to be able to host events that people love coming to and being able to support some of the amazing local bands we have here on the Gold Coast,” he said.

Michael thinks that their great atmosphere and range of delicious food from vendors sets them apart from other night markets on the Gold Coast.

“We have a very casual, relaxed feel as we have very large indoor and outdoor spaces that are great for all ages,” Michael said.

Burleigh Bazaar really is for people of all ages, with a dance floor and seating by the main stage, a generous front area if you’re wanting to sit down and relax and enjoy the food as well as a dedicated play area and arcade for kids.

Looking towards the future, Michael hopes to keep making Burleigh Bazaar bigger and better by hosting more great bands and events.

“I hope to keep people enjoying the venue, make people happy and keep expanding and hosting more touring acts,” he said.

Speaking of upcoming acts, Michael says they have a lot of amazing bands and events coming to Burleigh Bazaar in May and June.

“We have some really cool events by Tiny Minds Agency as well as performances by Eves Karydas, Shag Rock, Golden Vessel, Great Stage, Trapdoor, The Lonesomes and Peach Fur promised to come back,” Michael said.

Check out Burleigh Bazaar’s Facebook page and also visit their website to see a full list of upcoming events.

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