Burn Antares’ new single and Marketta show

Burn Antares are a five-piece band based out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They say they draw inspiration from the sounds of the 60s, but then they also say their sound is like Brian Jonestown Massacre.

“The band can be best described as rock ‘n’ roll steeped in deep grooves and melody,” says their bio. “Through hosting regular shows at their own warehouse space, the band utilises their performances as an integral part of their songwriting process, while also conjuring a live spectacle.”

Having worked together to hone their unique, cohesive sound and with a new single Crystal Love and video under their belt, Burn Antares are set to hit the Gold Coast with a special show at Miami Marketta this Friday.

Frontwoman Grace Farriss had this to say about the band’s new single:

“I met Janis Joplin in a dream and she gave me the song as a present. I took it to the boys and we worked on it till it was smoking hot. The day before we went in to record, we rewrote the melody so Janis’ estate couldn’t sue us.”

We had a chance to ask the band a few questions ahead of their visit to the Gold Coast …

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give an aspiring musician?

Kick the keytar player out of your band. He’ll only be a burden to you. Besides, distancing yourself from 1983 is almost always advisable. Until you have a chance to buy a DeLorean. You should do that. Those things are even cooler than McFly’s hoverboard.

What’s the biggest challenge to up and coming Australian artists?

Making the long arduous journey to the blistering, nosebleed heights of Mount Fame without compromising your integrity and vision. Or getting horned by the Industry Mountaingoats along the way.

If you could take 5 musicians / artists on a roadtrip around Australia, who would you choose?

We would merge Jackson Pollock with The Funk Brothers. He would paint the band’s clothing during their set to get down with some real cosmic jazz. After the tour the National Gallery would, amid much public controversy, purchase their suits for an astronomical price.

What brought you to this career / job / focus right now?

We were promised girls. We haven’t seen any yet, but in the meantime, the enaction of creative and artistic vision is fulfilling in its own right.

What’s your most vivid musical memory?

Jive dancing in utero to the sweet grooves of Parliament/Funkadelic.


Watch Burn Antares ahead of their Marketta show:

_ _ _ _
Burn Antares
Friday 12 September
Miami Marketta

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