Buy a bale to support drought stricken farmers

Country towns are the lifeblood of Australian society. They are a “microcosm of the human experience, but with more intensity”.

They are about connecting with others, networking and pitching in to help each other in emergencies. Your neighbours are your support in harvest or in drought, in sickness and in health. They end each day tired, but with a sense of accomplishment.

Living in a small community is not for the faint-hearted. There’s little anonymity in country life. Your neighbours know your mistakes as well as your strengths. Friends and rivals must stand side by side to face fire and drought together. It is a community like no other.

Many people enjoy the buzz of city life, but a journey through a small town gives us a chance to connect with locals and experience living on the land. We can settle into a slower pace of life and have real conversations.

Now, this way of life and beauty is at threat like never before.

The dry season has increasingly become longer – to the point that rain is more of a fading memory than a recent saviour. Crops of all kinds are dying and failing and precious commodities that the population often takes for granted are in danger of devastation.

Make no mistake, it is not a ‘their’ problem. It is an Australia wide problem that needs urgent attention to survive the immediate future.

In 2018 / 2019 over 90,000 Australians bought a bale of hay for our farmers. This allowed us to provide more than $30m worth of hay, water and financial assistance to farmers in the worst-hit areas, but the drought isn’t over. In fact, our farmers are currently experiencing the worst drought in recorded history.

So Australia, It’s time to Buy another Bale before it’s too late.

Each contribution is another step towards salvation and hope. Show our farmers that we are all in this together and Buy another Bale today!

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